Note: Vazkor Technologies can create customized software for any market sector. This software is licensed to this client exclusively, but our experience with mortage calculators will give us a jump start in understanding the needs of other businesses in this industry.

Project Description: Vazkor Technologies created a mortgage calculator software solution for a title company that processes loan purchases, refinancing and second mortgages in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area. With our expertise we can also create a solution that will greatly increase your efficiency with your upstream lending and settlement providers. The software calculates all the various fees including settlement and closing, title, examination and binder, doc prep, lender policy, judgement search, courier, recording service, bankwiring, lien certificate, post closing, deeds and deed of trust changes, owner's title, recordation, and state & county transfer.

We can customize your mortgage calculator with whatever pricing models you use, and tailor it to fit the way you do business. Our systems always include advanced user management, so you can control the permissions and functions of the staff and customers who access your mortgage calculator.

This is the Calculation Screen.

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