Business Consulting


Business Consulting

Vazkor Technologies believes that the relationship we have with the client is the most important factor to providing a successful solution for the business software needs. We've been growing business for more than 20 years and our success is not only due to writing great software. We've learned what makes businesses tick; we understand how various industries operate and how different departments within an organization work together. We've seen it done right, but we've also seen it done very wrong and you'll find that in many cases our suggestions go beyond on what sort of software your need. Equipped with that important perspective, we can provide the solution that is perfect you.

A lot of new clients are surprised at how quickly we understand their business situation. While we enjoy showing off our business acumen, that understanding is necessary for us to produce quality software. We need to put ourselves in your shoes; feel your pain and share your success. We sniff out the opportunities for automation, improved communication, new product and service lines, and new ways to communicate with your customers.

We think of our clients as our friends. Behind the organization there are people, and those people have families and their success depends on us, and we take that responsibility seriously. We also realize that clients have different needs and different comfort levels. So whether your business needs constant attention, or whether Vazkor Technologies is needed for nothing more than to "put out a fire", we welcome any opportunity to serve you.

Examples of Business Consulting

We helped an auto insurance company improve the quoting system almost immediately. Like many companies back in 2004, they're online quoting system did not immediately return a quote for the insurance premium. After a year, we integrated all of the logic directly on the site and pushed the data to their call center reps for immediate customer support. While any talented software development company could have completed this project, we also showed them ways to improve their searching, we implemented a revisioning system so they could track history and better manage the customer experience, we introduced data dedupping for more accurate reporting and accurate searching.

You don't need a large navigation diagram or fully flushed-out site map on paper to be in this category. This category is simply for those of you who understand the ins and out of custom software development and have the general structure of your future custom software application in your head or on paper.

Logistics companies have move their truck loads rapidly, but at the same time they need to track location and status from dispatch, to pickup, to delivery, and then on to invoicing and payment receipt

A large failure of much of the software that exists for the logistics industry is that each stage of the load is segregated into separate areas of the system, when the characteristics only varies in terms of status and some supplemental data. We developed the Clear Path Transport Management System to reduce the number of screens and show the flow of loads more intuitively and with quicker accessibility.

A large wholesaler of aftermarket copier parts had recently switched to a Microsoft Dynamics GP, a large accounting, sales order processing, and inventory package. We were contacted to help recreate some of the reports that were available from their older system. Within the year, we had created a bolt-on software system that extended Microsoft Dynamics GP to handle many additional needs of their business. Within 2 years, they had a fully integrated website for their resellers, an within 5 years, they had a fully customized CRM.

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