Vazkor’s team has done a stellar job at handling all of the development work we’ve thrown at them. We enjoy working with them, and they are always responsive to our needs. Best of all, they bring a vast store house of knowledge to every project, and are always on time and on budget.

Cliff Resnick  Globalizer, LLC

Without question, Vazkor Technologies has been a key ingredient in taking our business to the next level. The insurance business is data intensive, and Vazkor has worked with us through every step of the long development process that resulted in the creation of a state-of-the-art quotation system that integrates seamlessly with our website and financial systems.

Eric Poe  CURE Insurance

You are the BEST and we are thrilled to have you on our team! We've gotten SO many nice things said about the new site and each time we refer them to you!

Barbara Peschl  International Contents Experts

Vazkor Technologies is always very responsive, and always turns in quality work. Almost as important, our staff has enjoyed strong working relationships with all of their people. I’m happy to have worked with Vazkor Technologies for the last several years and that they have been able make the changes to our data base as our needs have changed.

Jerry Frenz  Primetime of Palm Beach County

Your Company has recently completed work on our new Subscriber System and after using it a week we have found it to be everything we wanted and more. The mood in our office has truly changed since using your system and the level of frustration is on the decline.

Barbara Bertani  Imaging network

I am writing this letter to commend the service provided by Vazkor Technologies. Your software developers have performed flawlessly for us and I cannot thank you enough for approaching us with solutions we never deemed possible. We are always concerned with our bottom line and your pricing has consistently beaten the marketplace for your type of work. We truly look forward to a long relationship with your company.

Marc Spring  Copylite Products

We’ve worked with Vazkor for almost 8 years. We’re pretty cut-throat when it comes to price, and even though we consider Aaron a friend, we still did a lot of comparison shopping, when we were looking for a company to build our program. There just wasn’t anyone on the market like them. Aaron was able to guide us throughout the process, from ideas on paper, to a finished working product, that we use every day. Other people we consulted, either had no clue what they were doing, or they were impossible to get hold of, or their prices were way too expensive. I can say with confidence that if you need a program written the way you want it, Vazkor is definitely the way to go.

Paul Hoffer  A-1 Car Movers, Inc.

You’ve been a key component to our enormous growth over the years. Thanks for all the consistent hard work and coming through in times of need. [We are] looking forward to getting started on all the upcoming projects.

Jill Matzat  Medical Research Management, Inc.

We’re veteran software developers, and even we sometimes run into development problems. When we have a complicated database that leaves us scratching our heads, we reach out to Vazkor Technologies for the solution.

Jared Freedman  Code4Software, LLC

I would recommend Vazkor.com to my colleagues. Our website selling copier supplies was developed by Vazkor within the deadline they were given. They offer quick turn around time based on project specs and were easy to get on the phone.

Bruce Cooperman  CopierSupplyStore.com

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