Type of Systems

Types of Our Software We've Developed

Category of Systems

Business Management Systems

Software that supports all aspects of a business, including customers, billing, employees, inventory, marketing, etc.

List Management Systems

Software that supports inputting, searching, and reporting of important database information

Customer Support Systems

Software that supports account management, conflict resolution, trouble-ticket support.

Article/Document Management

Software that supports inputting, organizing and tracking articles or documents.

Examples of Systems

  1. Auto Transport Software - Our experience includes creating many systems for Auto Transport companies, including a system to run their transport business, which allows users to build loads via mobile devices, decode VINs, and provides a login and interface for larger customers.
  2. Insurance Software - We created enterprise level software for a large auto insurance company, but our core development was for their integrated call center/website application. Our software created a seemless workflow between online quotes and internally handled policies.
  3. Billing Software - A team from Vazkor Technologies built, the popular legal billing software system that has been growing exponentially since its inception in 2008. We continue to maintain and support both the public website (screen below) as well as the software system itself, and the companion iPhone app.
  4. Courseware - One example of teaching software we built is for a leader in Clinical Trial training and monitoring. This system manages their student body and acts as a POS system so they can process payments, assigned course locations, and send the appropriate documentation.
  5. Mobile Integration - Add iOS and Android compatible interfaces to your solution. Provide your customers with an app to reduce inbound calls about status updates, orders, contracts, invoices, accounting, etc.

Our Services

Operations Software

Vazkor Technologies helps our clients empower their staff. We bring both business expertise and technical know-how to the table for our clients, and use that skill set to collaboratively develop software that's intuitive, responsive, and efficient so their workers' talents aren't wasted.

Back-Office Software

One of the biggest risks a business faces is having their data mismanaged. Efficient process-flow will always be tightly correlated with efficient data, and a company like Vazkor Technologies understands how to architecture your information so the most granular tidbits rolls up seemlessly to the highest level aggregates for your management team.

Accounting Software

Only in rare situations should core accounting components (e.g. double-entry accounting ledgers) be written from scratch. Most popular accounting packages have open interfaces. An experienced development company, like Vazkor Technologies, can create "middleware" to integrate your accounting software with your other core systems.

Logistics Software

Need to track loads, trucks, sub-haulers, manifests, bills of lading, invoices? Need mobile-ready components for your drivers? We have a platform that handles all of your logistics needs. For larger carriers, we can send and receive your EDI data, as well.

B2C Software

All B2C systems have the same considerations and too often a development company only focuses on design and either forgets abouts, or lacks the expertise to handle, the data and server architecture. We've successfully created and maintained e-commerce offerings, membership portals, and social networking sites.

The Hardware

Virtual hosting? Co-location? Dedicated Servers? What’s all that? Good question and one could write a book on the answers. There is almost an infinite amount of platform configurations you can undertake for your Internet business, but making the wrong choice can be expensive or even disastrous.

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