FAU 2016 Software Challenge
FAU 2016 Software Challenge

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio includes a wide range of systems and industries. As our portfolio grew, so did our business knowledge. We use that unique blend of expertise, on a daily basis, to help our clients adapt their businesses to the ever changing marketplace.

Our Process

The development stages of a software development project involves a variety of resources. Depending on the size of the system, Vazkor Technologies will use a Project Manager, a Software Architect, and one or more software developers.

Our Experts

Few technologies evolve as fast as software, and our multi-disciplined staff is passionate about providing cutting edge solutions. While other development firms struggle to get the job done, we struggle to ensure your customized systems are best-in-class.

Your Business

We believe our relationship with you is the most important factor to providing a successful solution, and we treat you as we would treat a friend or partner. We understand that you are depending on us for your success and we take that responsibility seriously.

Custom software development

Custom software development has become more popular over the last two decades. In the past we often had to explain what we do, and even now the nuances are sometimes misunderstood.

Think of us like any service company: a law firm, accounting firm, or marketing agency. Just like a lawyer has a technical understanding of the law and experience in the courtroom, we have software development expertise and experience in what it takes to make a business run.

Generally we support small and medium businesses who need to innovate to grow. We develop cloud-based products for the marketplace, as well as industry-specific applications used to run an entire business.

Every solution is unique and all of them start with a single phone call. Call us today at (561)-327-6508.

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About Vazkor Technologies

We love business, software and process flow which is why so most of what we do is a combination of all three. We are more than just software programmers specializing in cloud-based software systems, we are also business experts that will help you grow your small and medium size businesses.

Vazkor Technologies' core business is not projects, but rather clients. While some development companies "flip" projects to cheap developers, who are usually incompetent and/or unreliable, all of Vazkor Technologies' projects are tightly controlled and completed by our own internal staff of developers.

At its core, Vazkor Technologies is a service company. Like all service companies, some projects are charged at a pre-packaged rate, and other work is billed by the hour. Over the last several years we have developed new product lines to enhance our service offerings. Currently we have a Time and Billing platform, as well as an auto transport management system.

Additionally, we provide application and database hosting, design services, and other white-glove elements necessary to implement a full-scale software solution.

If you run your business the same way as everyone else, don't expect potential customers to choose you over your competition. Your business is unique and that will always be the key to your success. But that also means that you have unique processes and often you won't find the best software to control them.

Unfortunately, the mistake many people make is forcing their business to conform to the software. That's backwards! The process-flow should drive the software, not the other way around. We firmly believe a successful business is always a candidate to become more successful with customized software. Reduce costs and increase sales. It's as simple as that.

Vazkor Technologies has been helping companies with the Internet side of their business since 1999. Developing a website is only the first step. You also need to manage your online presence which includes your main customer facing portal, private interfaces for your staff, sub-domains, and other online aspects. Additionally you will need the server(s) to host all of it. We provide all aspects of managing your online assets so you don't have to worry about it.

Latest Works

Discover our projects and the value they provide to our customers. Our principles are reliability, innovation, customization and knowledge. We are backed by over 15 years of experience.

Our Clients

  • I would recommend Vazkor.com to my colleagues. Our website selling copier supplies was developed by Vazkor within the deadline they were given. They offer quick turn around time based on project specs and were easy to get on the phone.

    Bruce Cooperman, Copiersupplystore.com
  • Vazkor’s team has done a stellar job at handling all of the development work we’ve thrown at them. We enjoy working with them, and they are always responsive to our needs. Best of all, they bring a vast store house of knowledge to every project, and are always on time and on budget.

    Cliff Resnick, Globalizer LLC
  • Without question, Vazkor Technologies has been a key ingredient in taking our business to the next level. The insurance business is data intensive, and Vazkor has worked with us through every step of the long development process that resulted in the creation of a state-of-the-art quotation system that integrates seamlessly with our website and financial systems.

    Eric Poe CEO, CURE Auto
  • We’ve worked with Vazkor for almost 8 years. We’re pretty cut-throat when it comes to price, and even though we consider Aaron a friend, we still did a lot of comparison shopping, when we were looking for a company to build our program. There just wasn’t anyone on the market like them. Aaron was able to guide us throughout the process, from ideas on paper, to a finished working product, that we use every day.

    Paul Hoffer Owner, A-1 Car Movers, Inc.

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