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Every client is unique, and no matter what your industry is, we can create the custom software you need. We pride ourselves on our business expertise, and part of any software project is understanding your business and it's unique processes.

About Our Services

The development stages of a custom software project involve various people. Depending on the project size, Vazkor Technologies will use a Project Manager, a Software Architect, and one or more programmers.

Customized for Your Needs

Our philosophy is different. We provide customized solutions, not off-the-shelf products. We dig deep into the foundations of your business to understand what makes it tick. No two businesses are alike. Why would everyone want the exact same software?

Business Relationships

Vazkor Technologies believes that the relationship we have with the client is the most important factor to providing a successful solution for the business software needs. We think of our clients as our friends. Behind the organization there are people, and those people have families and their success depends on us, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Custom software development

Custom software development is often a misunderstood industry. It doesn't comprise the entire software industry, which includes software producers who sell their wares off the shelf.

Most often it will be businesses seeking custom software to improve their workflow, automate business processes and develop Internet businesses. Custom software development can accomplish all of these B2B software needs.

Knows the Artificial Reason and surprise yourself

About us

Serving as consultant and then IT Project Manager for American Express, Vazkor Technologies' President, Aaron Korff, recognized a niche in the marketplace for low-cost quality software development.

Vazkor Technologies' core business is not projects, but rather clients. While some development companies "flip" projects to cheap developers, who are usually incompetent and/or unreliable, all of Vazkor Technologies' projects are tightly controlled, and completed 100% by internal developers.

Latest Works

Discover our projects and the value they provide to our customers. Our principles are reliability, innovation, customization and knowledge. We are backed by 20 years of experience.

Our Clients

  • I would recommend Vazkor.com to my colleagues. Our website selling copier supplies was developed by Vazkor within the deadline they were given. They offer quick turn around time based on project specs and were easy to get on the phone.

    Bruce Cooperman, Copiersupplystore.com
  • Vazkor’s team has done a stellar job at handling all of the development work we’ve thrown at them. We enjoy working with them, and they are always responsive to our needs. Best of all, they bring a vast store house of knowledge to every project, and are always on time and on budget.

    Cliff Resnick, Globalizer LLC
  • Without question, Vazkor Technologies has been a key ingredient in taking our business to the next level. The insurance business is data intensive, and Vazkor has worked with us through every step of the long development process that resulted in the creation of a state-of-the-art quotation system that integrates seamlessly with our website and financial systems.

    Eric Poe CEO, CURE Auto
  • We’ve worked with Vazkor for almost 8 years. We’re pretty cut-throat when it comes to price, and even though we consider Aaron a friend, we still did a lot of comparison shopping, when we were looking for a company to build our program. There just wasn’t anyone on the market like them. Aaron was able to guide us throughout the process, from ideas on paper, to a finished working product, that we use every day.

    Paul Hoffer Owner, A-1 Car Movers, Inc.