Vazkor Technologies 2016 Software Challenge
September 13th - October 3rd


1st Place - $500 Cash + Vazkor Technologies 2016 "Champion" T-Shirt

2nd Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card + Vazkor Technologies 2016 "Finalist" T-Shirt

3rd Place - $50 Amazon Gift Card + Vazkor Technologies 2016 "Finalist" T-Shirt

4th Place - $25 Amazon Gift Card + Vazkor Technologies 2016 "Finalist" T-Shirt

Ready to get started?  Specifications for the 2016 Software Challenge (Posted @ 9:55am on Sept 13, 2016)

Contest Rules

  1. The Vazkor Technologies 2016 Software Challenge is a coding challenge for FAU students.
  2. Vazkor Technologies will post specifications for a simple business-related web application on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016.
    Specifications have been posted, click here.
  3. Contest participants will be required to complete the software based on the specifications and upload the completed project on the VAZKOR website on or before Monday, October 3rd.
  4. Winners will be posted on Vazkor Technologies website (http://www.vazkor.com/FAUWinner) on or before Wednesday, October 5th. All prizes must be picked up at the Vazkor booth at the FAU Career Fair on October 6th.
  5. You must be currently enrolled in the Computer Science or Computer Engineering departments of Florida Atlantic University.
  6. Limit (1) entry per student.
  7. Students may not work in teams.
  8. The winning entries will include code, database script, and test data (optional) to run a functional website.
  9. Entries should include a readme.txt file for running the website, including any steps needs to create and connect to the database.
  10. The project is allowed to have bugs, but it must be functional enough for our judges to use. If running the project is time-consuming and problematic, our judges may disqualify the entry.
  11. Upload your completed project at http://www.vazkor.com/FAUContestUpload.
  12. If you have any questions about the contest, please direct them to Aaron Korff at akorff@vazkor.com



Can a new user get started with little instruction?


Is it easy to navigate the solution?


Is the user required to use the mouse and keyboard more than necessary?


Are there clear "calls to actions"? Are the most important buttons/features prominent in the correct context?

Are you using an object-oriented design?

Are you using common functions/elements to handle and manage repetitive tasks?

Is your code documented?

We might not immediately understand the purpose for certain code snippets (especially considering we will be reading through multiple code-bases to pick the winner).

Is the design efficient?

Ultimately this is the part that will matter the most and it's hard to give you a "cheat sheet" for this part. We can suggest areas of focus, but the actual list is nearly endless: Does the design lend itself to tighter (e.g. generally this means less) code? Are you implementing features that are more complicated than they need to be to adhere to the spec? Even with a good design, are you writing unnecessary code? Are you using the correct data types? Are you using the correct conditional structures and control of flow?

Are you using a relational database?

Even if you do not have experience with relational databases, this would be one element that is worth researching before beginning. We predict the winner will use a relational database design, and they are essentially a requirement for business software.

Are you using the correct data types for your fields?

Are you using a key/identity to keep row ID's unique. Are using real numbers of integers for specific values?


This software only needs to run on desktop. However, if we feel two or more entries are “tied”, we might use responsiveness as the deciding factor.

Coding platform:

We generally develop with C# and Microsoft SQL Server, but PHP/MySQL is fine, as well as using Java/Oracle, or Java/MySQL.

Turning in the project early.

We will not give an earlier entry any more weight than a later entry, as long as the project is turned in by the contest deadline.

Length of time it takes to complete.

The earlier you get started, the more time you have to improve your entry before submitting it, but we do not need to know how long it took you to complete as long as you turn it in by the contest deadline.

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