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Vazkor Technologies
Full Service Website Management
Vazkor Technologies
Vazkor Technologies

Full Service Website Management:
Vazkor Technologies has been helping companies with the Internet side of their business for over four years. It takes more than putting together a website. A wide range of resources are available to assist with the design and layout of a website, but that's only a small portion of what it takes to make a website work.

The Website:
Always be suspicious of anyone who claims to be able to handle all aspects of a Website design and development. Most development firms specialize in one area, such as graphics, scripting, database, telecom, etc. At VAZKOR Technologies we recognize that putting together a Website is like producing a movie. For a box-office smash, you need the best actors, writers, cinematographers, directors, etc. A Website is no different. You need the best graphics, database experts, scripters, and marketers. Our staff has been participating in Internet Development for several years, but as a company we have learned about Internet Success. It is our experience and contacts that allow us to put together a stellar business solution on a tight budget. Give us a call at 561-357-9029 to find out more.

The Hardware:
Virtual hosting? Co-location? Dedicated Servers? What’s all that? Good question and one could write a book on the answers. There is almost an infinite about of platform configurations you can undertake for your Internet business, but making the wrong choice can expensive or even disastrous. We know what you need, and where to go to get it.

What about all of those emails you need to send to your customers. What is considered spam? Who regulates it? How do you configure your server to optimize the amount of emails you send? How do you set up email for your company and when do you need to have your own server to host it.

All of that hard work to get the people to come to your site and you don’t know where they came from, who they are, or what they want. What kind of information should you get; how do you get it; and how can you use it to your advantage? Don’t get us started…

Most people think they can pay a little for some advertising and watch the traffic role in. Well, they are half-right. You don’t have to break the bank to get people to come see your site and the answer isn’t in submitting to all of the search engines (although it is important and a service we of course provide). Sometimes paying for clicks is a necessary part of the equation, but other times you can accomplish more with barter deals, customized submissions, and hard work.

How do you get that little lock in the bottom corner? How do you process credit-cards? Can your website tie into your warehouse system? Probably! But we need to talk to you to find out more. Call us at 561-357-9029.

The Rest:
Privacy Policy; Disclaimers; Legal Issues; Unsubscribing; and More. All smaller details but details that need to get done and should never be missed.

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