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Custom Software Portfolio (Tools)
Vazkor Technologies
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Vazkor Technologies
Software Tools:

 --Email Blaster
 --Web Page Logger
 --Website Creator
 --Website Upload Tool
 --Microsoft Outlook™ Scraper

Some of the custom software that Vazkor has created doesn't neatly fall within an industry, and are so generic that we decided to create another portofolio for "tools".

We define Software Tools as any software that performs a function that could be used by many different types of users. Others would define software tools as "software creation tools", and that is perhaps a more common definition. For our purposes, think of Software Tools as small applications that perform a commonplace function.

Also keep in mind that this list is a small percentage of all the tools we've written. Many tools are "processes" that run automatically without a user interface. For demonstration purposes, these software packages just don't have the same impact as our tools with user interfaces so we didn't include them on the website.

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