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Vazkor Technologies
Custom Software Portfolio By Industry
Vazkor Technologies
Portfolios By:   Industry | Programming Language | Tools
Vazkor Technologies
Software by Programming Language:

 --CRM System
 --Research & Development
 --Newsletter Creator
 --Email Blaster
 --Institute Operations
 --Courseware Creator

 --Manufacturer E-Commerce
 --Wholesaler E-Commerce
 --Retailer E-Commerce Site

iPhone iOS
 --iPhone App Dev

QB Integration
 --Custom Invoice Syncing

 --Car Insurance Company
 --Timesheet System
 --LMS Software
 --Lead Generation System
 --Non-Profit Organization
 --Auto Transport Company

 --Product Managment
 --Property Management
 --Auto Transport
 --Subscription Management

If you have any familiarity with programming languages, you will notice the categories on the left are all Microsoft® Based programming languages. Vazkor Technologies is a 100% Microsoft® shop.

There are a few exceptions, however. Some of our browser-based systems use javascript, which is not a Microsoft® product. We also use third-party tools for various aspects of development. The best example would be Crystal Reports™, which we use to create browser-based on-the-fly PDF documents and reports. We also occasionally, upon request, create Macromedia Flash Shockwave™ files.

Also not included to the left is the fact that we do design/graphics work. We consider ourselves a software development company, however, and graphics are created as needed to support the software products. We would not be the most cost-effective for clients looking to create a static website (something that really pops), to represent their company.

Some languages are represented to the left, but we would no longer program in them anymore. Classic VB, for example is definitely outdated. .NET is the recommended platform according to Microsoft® for both desktop development (VB.NET) and web development (ASP.NET), but there are cases where the flexibility of Classic ASP development lends itself better to a project.

If none of the above makes much sense to you, don't worry. Platform decisions are better left to the experts and generally speaking, there isn't a major cost deferential. If there is, the reasons justifying it would be explained (in detail!). Also keep in mind that you can find additional software (some of which is not included in our Programming Language portfolio) in our other portfolios. Click one of the links above to access our other portfolios.

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