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Vazkor Technologies
Custom Software Portfolio By Industry
Vazkor Technologies
Portfolios By:   Industry | Programming Language | Tools
Vazkor Technologies
Software Industry:

Insurance Software
 --Car Insurance Software
 --Medical Insurance Software
 --Claims Web Application
 --Claims Processing Software
 --Claims First Contact
 --Med-Mal Policy Application

Billing Software
 --Time & Billing Software
 --Trial Management Billing System

Marketing Software
 --Telemarketing Software
 --Lead Generation Software
 --XML Search Feeds
 --Facebook Ads Integration

 --Student Admin System
 --Online Courses
 --Learning Management Sys.
 --Institute Reporting
 --Institute Operations
 --Online Course Registration
 --Seminar Attendance Tracker

Wholesaler/Manufacturer Software
 --E-Commerce 1
 --E-Commerce 2
 --E-Commerce Admin
 --Product Management

Auto Transport Software
 --Commercial Based
 --Consumer Based
 --Institution Based
 --Web Based Transport Software
 --Large Auto Transport Software
 --Large Auto Transport Software (2)

Mortgage Industry Software
 --Mortgage Calculator Software

Vacation Rental Software
 --Arrival/Checkout System
 --Online Contracts
 --Sales Management

Publishing Industry Software
 --Subscription Management
 --Newsletter Creator

Other Software
 --Retail Food Software
 --Property Management
 --Non-Profit Organizations

Corporate Websites
 --Marketing Company
 --Cash For Gold Software
 --Insurance Site and Software

Click the links to the left to see a sampling of Vazkor Technologies projects over the last seven years. These are just a sampling of the various industries in which Vazkor Technologies has worked. You'll find additional software (some of which is not included in our industry portfolio) in our other portfolios. Click one of the links above to access our other portfolios.

Every client is unique, and no matter what your industry is, we can write the custom software you need. We pride ourselves on our business expertise, and part of any software project is understanding your business and the unique processes that make it tick. So even if we've never created software for your industry before, we can still provide the same level of quality and commitment to your projects that we have for all our past and present clients.

If you have any questions about any of these projects, or would like references, please call us at 561-357-9029. All initial consultations are completely free, and at the very least, we'll be able to point you in the right direction.

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