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Vazkor Technologies
Vazkor Technologies

If you are looking for our portfolio go to our portfolio page. For a general discussion on the types of systems we do, go to our About Our Service section. Generally speaking, we perform Windows-based Internet and Desktop software development for businesses. Below are examples of real-life scenarios that demonstrate the wide variety of systems we do.

One time someone asked me what my company does, and somewhat tongue in cheek, I told him that we “stimulate stagnant companies with cutting edge IT solutions.” It sounded like a commercial, and I had meant it to sound overblown. However, I was surprised by his reaction. He actually took me completely seriously.

It got me thinking. Describing Vazkor Technologies as a custom software development company doesn’t really convey what life is like in the foxholes for my staff and me. We just get our hands dirty is so many ways, and have found so many different paths to reinvigorating our clients’ businesses that I thought it a good idea to start this section that talks about some of the different types of work we do.

Yes, if you had to classify us we are an IT professional services company specializing in custom business software development. We know almost every Microsoft platform, and definitely know all the platforms used by 99% of the customized solutions in the marketplace. I don’t really want to go into too much detail about our Microsoft solutions. It’s our bread and butter, and there are a lot of other websites where you can pick up interesting details of real life scenarios. Give us a ring and I’ll be happy to elaborate on our experiences. In this section, however, I want to discuss the real life scenarios that make Vazkor Technologies unique.

Legacy Systems

Legacy Systems are those old systems that have been around for years. They are generally stable, the staff is well trained on them, and they have served the company well enough to keep it from falling apart. Generally, to be a legacy system, there is an implication that the system’s platform is outdated.

Most legacy systems are powerful enough, but their front-ends desperately need an upgrade. They were born prior to the Internet revolution and powerful Windows-based systems. They generally are not graphical and often the staff members have grown adept at the key-stroke method of use, which, in reality, can be quite fast. However, the technology for feature rich reporting, word processing automation, efficient interface widgets, and standardized integration to other systems have passed it by, and it continues to languish under its own weight.

These systems live on AS400 boxes, and other green-screen hosts. In today’s business environment, there is certainly a place for this type of technology, but it belongs with the database, and not with the interface screens.

We’ve successfully ported many legacy systems, created on a variety of platforms such as dbase, COBOL, VAX, RISC, and a variety of other older solutions. Yes, there is an investment that needs to be made up front, and sometimes it’s hard to spend the short-term money for the long-term gain, but there is also an advantage to having a point of reference. A system created from scratch takes a great deal more specification work, than a system inherited from its legacy.

Quickbooks Integration

Our sister company,, was created by myself (Aaron Korff, owner of Vazkor Technologies) and two of my staff members. is a SaaS system that is a feature-rich time management and billing system for professional services companies. became a Quickbooks Silver Developer when we decided to include seamless Quickbooks integration with our product.

After gaining the Quickbooks Silver Developer status, we opened the doors to our Vazkor Technologies customers to develop Quickbooks Integration. The first few projects have gone excellently, and we are looking forward to doing more of this exciting work.

Bolt-On Systems

You might be wondering exactly what a Bolt-On System is. We define a bolt-on system as any custom developed software or tool that reads or writes to the database of another system. Generally we find this useful for accounting packages, and especially when there is a warehouse module and a desire to create an e-commerce storefront.

We have created several very successful software systems that bolt on to Microsoft Create Plans and the MAS line of accounting products. The concept however is the same for any system. If we can access the database, we can integrate with it.

A word of caution here. Generally speaking, we try to avoid writing to the database of the other system, unless it’s under extremely controlled circumstances. Generally, the data flows one way. The other system that the custom software solution is “bolting” on to generally serves a purpose, and a cost-benefit analysis did not conclude that it should be removed and treated like a legacy system.

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