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What is Custom Software
Vazkor Technologies
Vazkor Technologies

You've done the research, you've spoken to other "experts", and you may have even been burnt by the an incompetent overseas companies exploiting the world market (in today's market, it is much more common for an overseas developer to be an untrained middle-man flipping your project to an underqualified, or unreliable individual). You know what you want, you know that it can't be found on a store shelf, and you just want to be able to tell someone what it is, and have them execute it.

The problem most companies encounter when trying to develop their own software, is that they focus too much on finding a software developer. Finding qualified software developers is difficult enough, but a software developer alone cannot write customized software. Customized software requires an understanding of someone's business, which goes hand and hand with creating a relationship with the client.

Before writing the first line of code, we do a great deal of listening. We strive to understand your business processes to the most minute detail. If that means sitting next to your call-center representative for a few hours while he or she takes calls, then that is what we'll do.

To create customized software we need to care about our client's business as if it were our own. Most of our clients are also our friends, and there is nothing about our business that makes us more proud than that.

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