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Your Requirements
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If you are reading this web page then you are probably already part of the custom software revolution. Many small to medium businesses are beginning to realize that today's technology can marry their software systems to their business processes for the cost, speed, and quality that didn't exist even a few years ago. With the fast paced spread of custom software solutions, the "typical" business consumer searching for custom software is no longer...well, typical. There is a large spectrum ranging from tech-savvy business managers looking to round off their custom software needs to first-time entrepreneurs looking to have their new businesses hit the ground running.

When it comes to your requirements, we understand that you are all different, and we want to help you understand where you fall in the spectrum. We categorize your requirements into one of three categories. We will not "pigeon-hole" you into one of these categories. Remember, this is custom software development, which means we will adjust to your needs on the most detailed of levels. However, you might want to know that you are not alone, and I'm sure every one of you will see that their needs fit, at least in part, into one of these categories.

You Have Specifications: You know exactly what you want the software to do, you have the screens pictured in your head, you have a good grasp of what's possible for you budget and you are ready to get started. This shouldn't be confused with having a lot of word docs with screenshots or excel spreadsheets with your data. You don't need a large navigation diagram or fully flushed-out site map on paper to be in this category. This category is simply for those of you who understand the ins and out of custom software development and have the general structure of your future custom software application in your head or on paper.

Those often found in this category include:

  • Business Managers
  • Advanced MS Office Users
  • IT Professionals
  • Business Owners in the Tech Industry
  • Professional with a Science Background
  • Business Owners with a Company for Over 5 Years

I'm Not Sure What I Need: You've asked around, you've been to your local software seller, and you've searched the Internet for software for your industry. The screenshots just don't look right, and there isn't any screen at all to help you with some of those innovate ideas you've cooked up. You've heard that you can hire someone to write software for you, and it sounds like just the thing for you, but you don't know where to start.

If that sounds like your situation, don't worry, you're not alone. And don't worry about having a bunch of obscure terminology thrown at you, or asking a stupid question. We realize that not everyone who needs software is a tech wizard. You can feel confident knowing that we will walk you through the process in English and help you translate your needs into a set of specifications.

Those often found in this category include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners with a Company for Less Than 5 Years
  • Business Owners with Very Old Companies
  • Users of Other Business Software
  • Internet-Savvy Users

I Would Like Suggestions: Your colleagues have custom software, and you've read articles on how it can approve your business, but you don't know where to start. You are guessing that there are lots of areas of your businesses that might benefit with custom software, but you need some expert guidance.

Look no further. We can analyze your current workflow, find the bottlenecks, and determine where your biggest return on investment is. We truly believe that ANY business can benefit from some amount of custom software. Let us help you discover which part of your business would benefit the most.

Those often found in this category include:

  • Entrepreneurs Specializing in Buying and Selling Business
  • Business Owners New to Computers
  • Business Owners with Very Old Companies

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