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Types of Custom Software Systems We've Created
Vazkor Technologies
Vazkor Technologies

Customized software development:

  • Business Management Systems - software that supports all aspects of a business, including customers, billing, employees, inventory, marketing, etc.;
  • List Management Systems - software that supports inputting, searching, and reporting of important database information;
  • Customer Support Systems - software that supports account management, conflict resolution, trouble-ticket support;
  • Article/Document Management - software that supports inputting, organizing and tracking articles or documents.
Online Systems:
  • E-commerce Websites;
  • Extranet Systems - online systems provided by a company to authorized customers;
  • Graphing and Reporting Systems;
  • Subscription-based Webites;
  • Online Training Websites;
  • Online Magazine and News Websites;
  • Full-Service Website Management – including website hosting, handling domain names, databases, credit card processing, and emailing.
Database Management:
  • Decision Support Systems - Report-heavy systems that allow companies to quickly extract statistics and reports from legacy databases;
  • MIS Systems - Similar to Decision Support Systems, but also includes functions that automate daily or weekly processes critical to the business;
  • Back-door Systems – These systems are created when a company is successfully using a software package that is difficult or expensive to customize, such as Microsoft's Great Plains package. Our back-door system provides the needed customizations by connecting to the software package’s database.

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